IOZE hydro – turn water ~ into profits

Hydropower – we provide effective advice for those that wish to invest in hydro power plants (HPPs). We are involved in the project from the very moment of appraising the potential construction site for its suitability in terms of the energy generation needs, investment management, delivery of the technology, up to the turnkey delivery of HPP and its further service.


Enerko energy – turn plans ~ into reality

General Contractor – we deliver a turnkey objects, often in a “design-and-build” formula. Our group is responsible for all the processes necessary to complete the investment. We are a contractor in complex investments that require specialised skill and action to complete.


Instytut OZE – turn idea ~ into solutions

Design Bureau – we work in the following areas: water management, industry and energetics. We offer to conduct design works and consulting services. We are able to develop complex blueprints for all construction branches. You can expect us to handle every step of your investment process.



Water barrage refurbishment

To measure the condition and to determine the scope of the renovation works, we conducted an inventory of the object, as well as underwater inspection of its structure.

Low head small hydropower plant

We have built a small hydropower plant at a very low head site. Owing to the multi-stage flow rate control, the plant has been optimised to work in an environment where flow rate constantly varies. Electricity is produced via four hydrosets.

Active fish-pass for aquatic organisms

The fish pass comprises of a set of two Archimedean screws, one of which is utilised as an ascending track, while the other is a descending one. Both of these tracks are used to allow for upstream and downstream transport of aquatic organisms. The descending track also produces electricity, so the device makes a net surplus energy.

SHP in a mountainous conditions

Installed capacity of the plant is equivalent to 0.5 MW. Electricity is produced by two vertical Kaplan trubines, each having a runner with a diameter of 1670 mm. Due to the plant's placement on a diversion channel, there is no need to build a barrage across the river that could have limited the biological permeability of the river.

Water retention study for a local municipality

We conducted a complex study regarding the possibility of water retention across the entire municipality. We recomended several locations for water reservoir placement and formulated a technical concept regarding construction of the reservoirs.

Warehouse building

We designed and constructed a warehouse and an underground firefightning water tank. We were also responsible for obtaining an occupancy permit for the building.


We conducted an outer insulation modernisation of a building complex - that included, among others, carpentry and fitting works coupled with a replacement of central heating and hot water installations, as well as fitting of PV panels and heatpumps.

Hybrid powerplant installation - wind, water and PV

We designed a renewable-based hybrid energy generation system that produces energy from hydropower, photovoltaic installation as well as small wind turbine. All of the energy sources are controlled and monitored via SCADA system.

Projects aiming to adapt forest environment to climate change

We created a series of projects with a goal of developing small-scale water retention with a secondary purpose of countering water erosion.

Detailed design documentation of a pipeline

Based on a thorough measurements utilising laser scanning technology, we prepared a detailed construction design of a pipeline.

We are a team that conducts and oversees investment process in construction at all stages of its life. We have the necessary skills and experience to work in the following areas:

  • Investment planning
  • Consultations and design
  • Investment financing
  • Technology delivery
  • Construction of new objects, as well as retrofitting the existing ones
  • Optimising production
  • General contracting
  • Servicing
  • Substitutive exploatation of HPP (we take care of everything and you reap the profits!)
interdisciplinary experts
500 +
completed projects

As partners in the daily running of the objects that we designed and built, we are serious about optimising the installation’s operation. We are constantly monitoring operational parameters to improve efficiency. We put a huge emphasis on preventive measures to reduce downtime. Maximising income of our customer and reducing operation costs are always our top priorities. One hundred interdisciplinary experts – over five hundred completed projects.


Your individual vocational growth is our mutual prosperity.

Do you want to be involved in interesting and innovative projects? Do you wish for stable employment and continuous developement of your skills?

Become a part of our team!

We make an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Our group implements various projects in the renewables, hydrotechnics, and industrial construction – and we do it with passion!

We base our organisational culture around teamwork and individual creativity.  All of our designers have a significant influence over the shape and scope of projects. Our success is ensured by the people focused on incessant growth, constant learning and mutual cooperation.