• Small hydropower plant in Bronocice

    Nidzica river

    Fish pass and revitalisation of the weir as part of the construction of the small hydropower plant  

    Even an almost completely devastated hydro-engineering facility can be revitalised and brought back to life. The remains of the damaged weir indicated a good place for the construction of a new small hydropower plant, even despite the low-bearing soils where an Archimedes screw had to be installed. The fish pass created at the power plant is an ecological corridor for river ichthyofauna.

  • Small hydropower plant in Witulin

    Świślina river

    Water system of a former cardboard factory in the small hydropower plant

    The use of existing infrastructure significantly reduces project costs and the environmental impact of the investment. In addition, revitalisation can bring additional positive effects, as in this case: halting the process of the river bed degradation or the formation of local landslides.

  • Small hydropower plant in Wolica

    Czarna Nida river

    Two types of turbines in a small hydropower plant

    The correct choice of water turbines is the basis for the efficient operation of a small hydropower plant. In some cases, it is worth using hybrid solutions and connect the Archimedes screw with the Kaplan turbine.

  • Small hydropower plant in Bieleckie Młyny

    Czarna Nida river

    Archimedes screw in Natura2000 area

    In locations with very low slopes, located in environmentally valuable areas, the Archimedes screw is the optimal solution. It is characterised by high efficiency, even at low flows, and its impact on the environment is minimal.

  • Small hydropower plant in Starogard

    Wierzyca river

    An active fish pass produces electricity

    A fish pass can also produce electricity. The use of an Archimedes screw set, one of which transports fish upstream and the other one downstream, at the same time producing electricity is an innovative project that increases profitability of the investment and reduces the area of the required development. Thanks to the use of biological flow, we produce additional electricity from a renewable energy source without the adverse effect on the natural environment, while meeting the need for patency of the river.

  • Small hydropower plant in Słowik

    Bobrza river

    Construction in a direct conservation protection zone

    The small hydropower plant in Zagrody, also called the small hydropower plant in Słowik due to its location, was built first in the buffer zone of the Chęcińsko-Kielce Protected Landscape Area and then in the immediate vicinity of a technical monument, a water mill complex in Markowizna. The buildings of the small hydropower plant have been adapted to the existing, historic buildings to create an aesthetic whole.

  • Small hydropower plant in Brudnice

    Wkra river

    General renovation of an aged hydropower plant

    It is not always necessary to build a small hydropower plant from scratch to create a modern and efficient facility. The small hydropower plant in Brudnice is a perfect example that in some cases, renovation is enough. In addition to the increased efficiency of the hydropower plant, the facility has gained a unique on a national scale, architectural style.