Water turbines

The turbine named after its inventor Victor Kaplan, presented for the first time in 1913. Developed by the innovator and based on Francis turbine, today it is one of the most popular hydropower technologies in the world. The turbine is characterised by extremely high efficiency. It offers a wide range of possible applications. It can be adjusted both by means of inlet guide vanes and rotor blades. Dedicated for a large amount of water and small slopes.

We supply Kaplan turbines with efficiency of up to 93%. We offer various types, vertical, S and Z systems as well as PIT, of development:, we also make hydropower units in siphon development. Our solutions are always individually designed according to the specificity of the location and customer requirements.



Archimedes screw

Archimedes screw has been known since ancient times. Initially, the device was mainly used as a pump and was applied in irrigation projects. The 1990s brought the development of the idea of the Archimedes screw as a water turbine, which is a variety of an overshot water wheel. It is the most efficient device of all types of water wheels.

Our company's Archimedes screw is a technology dedicated to micro and small hydropower plants. It can be used on very low slopes. The uniqueness of the adopted solution is reflected primarily in the design of the screw, i.e. with the properly selected diameter, pitch and angle of inclination. The technology has fish-friendly status owing to large partitions and low rotational speed.



Active fish pass


An active fish pass is an innovative technology that changes the approach to clearing watercourses at hydropower plants. A fish pass is created by a system of two Archimedes screws - two tracks. The ascending track transports water and fish upstream, while the descending track downstream, at the same time producing energy, some of which is used to propel the ascending track, and the rest can be returned to the mains in the form of electricity. In reality, the descending track produces several times more energy than the ascending track needs for operation.

Our company is the only one in Poland and one of the few in the world to provide this solution. The technology developed from the beginning in our research and development department, tested in real conditions, successfully clears river partitions.