At Enerko Energy, we deal with comprehensive modernisation of hydropower plants. Our customers are private and public entities. We implement modernisation of small hydropower plants (of several dozen kilowatts) and large capacity power plants. The scope of works is determined individually with the customer. We focus not only on the replacement of entire systems, but also on repairs and optimisation of existing installations. We make sure that our projects are fully optimised in terms of costs and efficiency, ensuring safe and convenient operation. In the case of renovation, particular attention is paid to the formal and legal issues. We make sure that future activities are in line with current legal conditions resulting from applicable and future legislation in this area. Our goal is to provide a solution that will ensure maximum profits from your investment.


Our offer includes:

  • Technical condition assessment;
  • Concept of modernisation, design documentation;
  • Building permits, renovation notifications;
  • Hydropower unit tests, diagnostic measurements;
  • Maintenance and inspection;
  • Modernisations in all industries:
    • Mechanical (turbine, technological installations, steel structures, equipment);
    • Electric (generator, automation and security system, power evacuation).



Hydropower plants are investments with competitive in the market rates of return that can generate significant profit for a lot of decades, provided that they are efficiently operated and maintained to a high standard. An incorrectly operating hydropower installation can significantly reduce energy production and thus profit, even though operating costs remain constant. Enerko Energy provides services aimed at maximising the continuity of power plant operation, with optimal electricity generation efficiency.

Our offer includes:

  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Remote supervision of the entire facility using the SCADA system;
  • Assistance and technical advice;
  • Failure removal, on-site and workshop repairs;
  • Renovation concepts and modernisations;
  • We modernise and provide maintenance for installations of all industries:
    • Mechanics;
    • Electricity and automation;
    • Steel structures;
    • Hydraulics and pneumatics.