Small hydropower plant in Słowik

Small hydropower plant in Słowik

Bobrza river

Construction in a direct conservation protection zone

The small hydropower plant in Zagrody, also called the small hydropower plant in Słowik due to its location, was built first in the buffer zone of the Chęcińsko-Kielce Protected Landscape Area and then in the immediate vicinity of a technical monument, a water mill complex in Markowizna. The buildings of the small hydropower plant have been adapted to the existing, historic buildings to create an aesthetic whole.


Średnica 2600 mm
Spad 2,5m
Moc 37 kW

Scope of Work

Cooperation with the customer included the comprehensive implementation of the project consisting in the construction of a small hydropower plant on the "Młynówka" channel along with a fish pass at the dam weir at the 14+220 km of the river Bobrza in the town of Zagrody, Świętokrzyskie Province.

The overall scope of activities within the project:

  • Reconstruction and automation of the dam weir at the 14+220 km of the river Bobrza
  • construction of a small hydropower plant building
  • construction of the riverbed for the foundation of an Archimedes screw
  • construction of a slotted fish pass
  • securing the riverbed above and below the weir
  • design, delivery and commissioning of a complete hydropower unit equipped with an Archimedes screw
  • making electrical, control and automation installation of the power plant based on the PLC controller and HMI panel
  • delivery and commissioning of the inverter system for smooth change of the rotational speed of the Archimedes screw
  • implementation of the SCADA IT system for real-time monitoring of the power plant operation parameters
  • execution of the internal power supply linej

Historical outline

The mill building, next to which the small hydropower plant is located, is an old historic facility. In the old days, Marek's Mill (in Markowizna, then Słowik) was one of a lot of facilities using the extremely efficient river Bobrza. In addition to buildings from the past centuries, a hydrotechnical system with a weir and a mill race remained. Currently, a fish pass has also been added.