Small hydropower plant in Brudnice

Small hydropower plant in Brudnice

Wkra river

General renovation of an aged hydropower plant

It is not always necessary to build a small hydropower plant from scratch to create a modern and efficient facility. The small hydropower plant in Brudnice is a perfect example that in some cases, renovation is enough. In addition to the increased efficiency of the hydropower plant, the facility has gained a unique on a national scale, architectural style.


Średnica 1480 mm
Spad 2,64 m
Moc 110 kW

Scope of Work

Cooperation with the customer included the comprehensive implementation of the project consisting in the renovation of the small hydropower plant on the river Wkra.

The overall scope of activities within the project:

  • Power plant design optimisation
  • Delivery of a complete hydropower unit equipped with a vertical Kaplan turbine
  • making electrical, control and automation installation of the power plant based on the PLC and HMI panel
  • implementation of the SCADA IT system for real-time monitoring of the power plant operation parameters
  • Inlet grille
  • Rotary valve of the flushing sluice, bearing nodes equipped with water-lubricated bearings
  • Operating valve equipped with a de-icing heating system
  • Valve drive and control
  • As-built documentation

Historical outline

The mill in Brudnice was built in 1873. The historic turbine dates back to 1907. The mill belonged probably to the neighbouring manor complex, dating back to the 15th century. Mention of the first mill in this area also comes from that period.